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Thank You!

Yasher koach to Scott Weiner, Helen and Raphael Kaplan, Dina Rachel Fisher, Ruth and Robert Oakes, and Dr. Robert Rapaport, who hosted recent Kiddush, Cholent and Learning programs.
Our thanks to Karen Shamash for hosting a recent Rosh Chodesh gathering, and to Dr. Ruth Oakes for her splendid presentation.

Stanley Wohlgemuth Memorial Library

We take this opportunity to remind our readers that an initial collection of Judaica has been acquired for the Stanley Wohlgemuth Memorial library and placed in our Bet Midrash. We hope to augment the collection with additional books in the near future. Contributions to the library may be made in memory of Stanley Wohlgemuth or in honor of any special occasion a donor may wish to commemorate.


Join us for the Gemara shi'ur on Shabbos morning at 8:00 A.M. We are studying Mesechta Bava Metsi'a. One hour before Mincha on Shabbos afternoon, join us in studying Mesechta Chullin.