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Thank You!

Our thanks to Mr. Sam Pfeffer, Mr. and Mrs. Larry Present, and Mr. Scott Kapchun, who sponsered recent Kiddush, Cholent, and Learning programs, and to Mrs. Kim Amzallag, who once again hosted a Rosh Chodesh Elul gathering on behalf of the women of our community.

Yasher Koach!

A yasher koach to Mr. Mark Lekarew, Mr. Yaakov Schroeder, and Mr. Sean Fogarty, who served as gabba'im during the High Holy Days, and to Mr. Sean Fogarty for his rendition of Pesukei D'zimrah on Yom Kippur.


Join us for the Gemara shi'ur on Shabbos morning at 8:00 A.M. We are studying Mesechta Bava Metsi'a. One hour before Mincha on Shabbos afternoon, join us in studying Mesechta Chullin.